The 3.4.5. school table

Designed for dynamic environments.
The freedom and choice to set up your space according to your needs.

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The 3.4.5. school chair

The first school chair with a triple function:
multi-position, stackable and table rest system.

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The 3.4.5. Color furniture

For a color vision of your office, meeting, training and seminar environments, etc.

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The 3.4.5. Office table

A business table for a collaborative work

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L’Intégrale d’Agencement helps you transform (adapt) your workspaces into environments conducive to exchanges, collaboration and interaction for enhanced individual performance and optimised/connected group dynamics.

Our innovative layout solutions for institutional environments offer modularity and freedom, boosting the efficiency of work individually, in small groups or in large groups, and encouraging the interaction and creativity of the participants.

L’Intégrale d’Agencement is a manufacturer committed to the development of collaborative and emerging working concepts.


Calling all distributors !

We are on the lookout for distributors and manufacturers for our 3.4.5. Program in Europe

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