L'Intégrale d'Agencement

Program 345 is a trademark belonging to the French company

Created in 1996 and specialising in the design and distribution of :

School furniture

Our core business: the design, manufacture and distribution of school furniture. Customer focus and innovation lie at the heart of our business strategy.

Commercial furniture

We also help companies and local authorities meet the furnishing needs of their professional premises.


A wide range of accessories can also be supplied in combination with our professional furniture.
Fabien Gerbelot-Barrillon

Fabien Gerbelot-Barrillon

Managing Director L'Intégrale d'Agencement

“We support companies and educational structures to transform their work spaces into environments conducive to exchange, collaboration and interaction, with the aim of enhancing individual and collective performance.

Our innovative solutions for the layouts of institutional environments provide the necessary modularity to secure greater efficiency, whether individually, in small groups, or in large groups, and promote the interaction and the creativity of the participants.

L’Intégrale d’Agencement is a manufacturer committed to the development of collaborative and emerging working concepts.”


we are pursuing our international expansion.
In line with our strategy, we bring on board local partners, in each country.
We are therefore on the lookout for manufacturers and/or distributors for the 345 Program©, our school and commercial furniture range.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Furniture design
  • Marketing
  • Customer Happiness

Calling all distributors !

We are on the lookout for distributors and manufacturers for our 3.4.5. Program© in Europe