The 3.4.5 program© is a system of modular tables that come together to form coherent and free configurations.

Designed for meeting, training and seminar rooms

Change the configuration of your space very quickly and very simply.

The 3.4.5. professional tables adapt to all learning experiences by encouraging strong interactions between participants or groups of individuals


The shape of the tabletop allows different compositions:
the 3.4.5. tables can be lined up or grouped by 3, 4 or 5 (or more) to form coherent groups and adapt to the teaching approach.


The tables are eco-designed.
They are manufactured in France according to the NF EN1729 – 1&2 standards
Design by C+B Lefebvre


It is up to you to arrange the room or environment according to your needs. The markers on the tabletops help you to quickly change the configurations


Teaching aid

The ground-breaking design of the 3.4.5. table system offers a new vision of the classroom or venue and allows multiple teaching activities. The 3.4.5 tables take into account the strong interactions between students or participants

The various possible configurations

Bruno Lefebvre

Bruno Lefebvre


A word from the designer

“I approached this project without any preconceptions and the use of the Agile Design® method allowed me to brainstorm with a dozen or so different stakeholders, all involved in different ways in the teaching profession, and expose the concepts to real-life teaching situations and the demands for change.

The project naturally evolved and emerged as this new form, capable of structuring or destructuring the classroom environment.

The result is not just one but a number of solutions. It is not a static proposal but a system that can be endlessly and dynamically adapted by teachers and students, in line with all the factors that came to my attention during this year of observations, exchanges and creations.”