The 3.4.5 Program is a school furniture range designed to introduce edgy innovations to the field of school furniture and professional furniture. This 3.4.5 school chair is breaking new ground on the school chair market. It is the first school chair to propose a triple function. Designed by C+B Lefebvre.

A stackable school chair

a stackable school chair

These new school chairs are stackable, making them easier to store, without taking up too much floor space.
This paves the way for the modular classroom… a demand that is increasingly being voiced by teachers and trainers eager to apply dynamic teaching methods.

A multi-position school chair

Multi-position school chair

Again with the aim of promoting dynamic teaching methods, the 3.4.5 chair is multi-position. It is possible to sit in both directions, with the backrest behind you or the backrest in front of you.
This allows students to turn around quickly and easily, during group work for example, without scraping their chair across the floor. Just imagine the difference in terms of noise – very much appreciated by the teachers!

A school chair with a table rest system

School chair with table rest system

Finally, this school chair can rest on the table. This frees up the floors, making it easier to clean the classrooms.

school chair Program 3.4.5

3.4.5 school chairs come in a spectrum of colours. They can be mixed and matched with our 3.4.5 school tables. They liven up the classrooms, keeping students alert and attentive.

Many classrooms in France are already equipped with this school chair. We are now gearing up for export and are on the lookout for partners to manufacture and distribute our school furniture in different countries throughout Europe.

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