IA France has been distributing school furniture and professional furniture in France since 1996. A new development strategy has been rolled out over the last few years with the aim of offering its own range of school furniture with an added dose of innovation and design.

IA France – a school furniture distributor since 1996

The IA France team offers a broad range of school tables, school chairs, computer tables, etc. as well as a wide variety of school accessories. A capacity to listen, react and provide a high level of service are the pillars of IA France, headed up by Fabien Gerbelot-Barrillon, resulting in a high degree of professionalism and dynamism.

Customisation is actively encouraged at IA France to meet the most cutting-edge needs of schools. As demand evolves over time, IA France monitors the school furniture market to offer the latest innovations.

A dynamic teaching with our modular school table, the Program 3.4.5.

Dynamic teaching has triggered a wave of requests. Teachers, primary and secondary alike, are looking for flexible furniture in order to adapt the classrooms to their teaching, their activity and the subjects taught. After failing to find a modular school table meeting their expectations on the market, IA France decided to design its own school furniture and Program 3.4.5. was born.

Our goal: to innovate in the school furniture market

The goal is clearly to innovate in the monotonous field of school furniture. Teaching practices and learning methods are becoming more dynamic.

The school table 3.4.5. is our answer to this need for modularity. It makes it possible to create a multitude of classroom configurations easily and quickly.

Here is a video presenting the modular school furniture, Program 3.4.5.:

Today, IA France is exporting the Program 3.4.5. to more and more countries around the world, driven by a thirst for innovation to adapt to the new market needs.

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