We have never made any secret of our wish to export our products. Given the resounding success of the 3.4.5. Program in France, it makes perfect sense to take our school furniture to foreign markets. We have chosen the Bett Show trade fair in London as our first step along this path.

Official presentation of our school furniture at the Bett Show in London


345 program bett show

The Bett Show is the biggest international event devoted to education. Here is the show’s slogan:

“Transforming education:
Our mission is to bring together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfil their potential”

For us, it is an opportunity to present our innovative school furniture with its designer look to the major players in the school furniture segment. Our export development strategy is clear: work in cooperation with local partners to manufacture and distribute our school tables and school chairs in different European countries.

So come and see us at the Bett Show in London from 24 to 27 January 2018, in the Creative France pavilion.


Our modular school furniture, the 3.4.5 Program

peer learning school table 345

IA France designs and markets furniture for educational institutions, from kindergartens through to universities. Our new ‘345 Program’ helps teachers quickly and easily transform and adapt their workspace thanks to an innovative range of modular tables and chairs.

The shape of the tables, dreamed up by designer Bruno Lefebvre, allows for various arrangements: they can be lined up or put together in groups of three, four or five (or more) to form coherent groups, and adapted to all types of teaching. Tabletop markings make changing the configuration a quick and easy task.

Thanks to their unique shape, tables can be grouped into blocks of both odd and even numbers. More than just a table, the 345 Program furniture is designed to be a genuine educational tool. These tables can be adapted to all learning techniques by encouraging high levels of interactivity between participants or groups of individuals. The stackable chairs are ergonomically designed to meet students’ expectations.

“The groundbreaking design of the 345 Program’s tables and chairs breaks with established codes. They have been designed with input from teachers and trainers, supervised by our designer Bruno Lefebvre, to meet the current need for modularity in classrooms as effectively as possible,” said Export Manager Olivier Debas. “The United Kingdom is a priority market for us, and we want to offer the best equipment to help British teachers in their working environment.”

Our company is seeking European distributors and manufacturers for our new 345 Program range.

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment:

Olivier DEBAS
Export Manager
Tel: + 33 (0) 4 79 54 56 15

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