Modular furniture means an adaptable workplace. A classroom must be able to alternate between lecture mode and group work, while a meeting room must adapt to the different needs of its users, etc.
But the other major advantage of modular furniture is that it comes with a long service life that stands the test of time. Let’s see why modular furniture is designed for the long haul in schools and workplaces.

Modular furniture in schools

Teaching methods change over time. The idea of dynamic teaching was unthinkable only a few decades ago. A lecture-theatre approach prevailed over group work and interactivity between pupils.

There are several explanations for this. The first is that mentalities are changing, and research has shown the effectiveness of new teaching methods.
The second, which may trickle down from the first, is the reforms that are continually being churned out, advocating new methods of learning. School curricula are evolving with the aim of improving teaching quality.

Schools must therefore adapt, so classrooms must be flexible to keep pace with these reforms and adapt to the needs of the teachers, the subjects taught, and so on.

modular school furniture, to improve the interactivity

Program 3.4.5., our modular school furniture, is designed to allow a high degree of classroom flexibility, to stand the test of time and secure a long service life!

Modular furniture in the workplace

Other issues arise in the workplace, but the need remains the same, adaptability. A company must always contend with the economic realities. An increase in the number of employees does not necessarily been moving to new premises, thankfully!

In a training room or meeting room, it is useful to be able to adapt the layout according to the needs of its users.

For companies organised in open spaces, and companies that prefer individual offices, it may be worth providing a flexible space to promote group work, or interactions between employees of different departments.

modular workspace furniture, to improve the interactivity

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