This is the workplace version of our Program 3.4.5., a modular table that allows multiple configurations for your business needs. You will finally be able to create collaborative workspaces, a dynamic and flexible work environment.

The Office table, our modular table with a designer look

Our Office table is part of the Program 3.4.5., an innovative modular workplace furniture programme with a designer look.
The shape of the table top is original and protected by a European patent. It has a single right angle. The other three angles are marked 3, 4 or 5, giving the name to the concept.
In keeping with the trend for collaborative work, this table will help you to create a dynamic workplace, a breeding ground for ideas, a hotbed of innovation!

dynamic way of working

Take 3 tables, position them by matching up the number 3 to form a 3-place workgroup.

office commercial table



Take 4 tables, position them by matching up the number 4 to form a 4-place workgroup.

3.4.5. modular tables


Take 5 tables, position them by matching up the number 5 to form a 5-place workgroup.

professional and modular table



These modular tables will allow your employees to adapt their workspace according to the tasks to be performed in a group. Work islands designed for efficiency.

It is also possible to arrange a meeting room in a more traditional way, U-shaped for example.


Finally, these modular tables are stackable, optimising storage space, which is often a headache for companies.


The origin of this modular table

This modular table has been designed to optimise collaborative work, both in schools and in the workplace. We are enjoying real success with our classroom equipment, the modular system catching the eye of many professionals, architects and businesses in turn. This prompted us to adapt the school table to the workplace, so here we have it, the Office table!