Choosing a school table is always a bit of a headache when it comes to replacing school furniture.

Supporters of dynamic teaching favour modular classrooms, while the traditionalists are more concerned about the practical aspects, and often want school tables to be fitted with storage, a compartment.

But you no longer have to choose between modularity and practicality. The modular table and compartment system offered by the 3.4.5. Program remains flexible while boasting a useful compartment.

The 3.4.5. Program table and compartment system

Our modular table with a compartment, pratical and design

With our 3.4.5. Program we make classroom modularity child’s play. We were eager to introduce this innovation to the school furniture market in response to the strong demand from many primary and secondary teachers. However, we wanted to keep the practical side of the table and compartment system. The compartment is available as an option with the school table, which can also be delivered alone.

The compartment allows nursery or primary school pupils to stow away exercise or reading books, etc.

This table also comes with a bag hook that keeps the floors and aisles clear.

Maximising classroom modularity

The 3.4.5. school table isn’t just any old table. It comes in attractive colours to make classrooms brighter and cheer them up. The goal is also to capture and retain the pupils’ attention.

There’s no mistaking the atypical shape of the table top. The design, protected by a European patent, makes it possible to very quickly form groups of 3, 4 or 5 tables. The 3.4.5. Program also allows more traditional, u-shaped or individual classroom configurations. Groups of 2, 6, 9, 12 students, etc. can also be created, a maximum of modularity that meets the different needs of teachers.

maximising classroom modularity withe the Program 3.4.5

The advantage is that the configuration can be changed in no time, depending on the activities offered to students.

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