Our school furniture, especially the 3.4.5. school table, is designed to be highly modular. What better than a stop motion video to highlight this modularity?

Stop motion video of our school furniture, the 3.4.5. Program

Our school furniture has been designed to adapt the layout of a classroom according to the subjects taught, the type of work. Too often, classes are rigid, the layout the same, whether to give a lecture or to carry out practical work or group work.

Here is a video that will allow all teachers and professors to rethink the way they teach. The classroom adapts to the type of teaching and not the other way around.

A school table that adapts to all types of teaching

Dynamic teaching is becoming more and more widespread. There is a greater tendency towards group work and interactivity between pupils. Conversely, traditional teaching courses are called lectures. The pupils sit in front of the teacher, they remain passive and only listen. It doesn’t take long to lose the attention of these young pupils who need to be on the move, to be dynamic and pro-active.

The classroom must be alive, the classes must be more dynamic. The trend is to get these pupils moving, to better capture and keep their attention.

School furniture plays a vital role. It must be flexible to easily move from one organisation to another.
Our 3.4.5 school table makes it easy and quick to create groups of 3, 4 or 5 pupils, but also groups of 2, 6, 9, 12 pupils or more traditional U-shaped rooms for example.

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