Check out our new video presenting the 3.4.5. school chair, an innovative concept by the French design agency C+B Lefebvre for IA France:


This school chair has been available to French schools for over a year. Buoyed by our success, we are now setting our sights on a wider distribution to other European countries, in conjunction with our 3.4.5. school tables.

Why a triple-function school chair?

The answer is very simple: to meet the demand from our customers! We are in fact coming across an increasing number of teachers and educators who are eager to change their teaching methods. They are keen to make their lessons more attractive … and keen to keep pupils interested.

Dynamic teaching is gradually taking root, with school reforms going in this direction. But school furniture must be part and parcel of this change. This is the idea behind a modular yet functional school chair.

The 3 functions of the Program 3.4.5. school chair

Here are the 3 innovative features thought up by the C+B Lefebvre design agency:

– a stackable school chair:

The 3.4.5. school chair, the first school chair with a triple function: multi-position, stackable and table rest system.

Our school chair is stackable to be space saving, and for easy storage. Ideal when you regularly change classroom layouts.

– a school chair that can rest on a table:

School chair with table rest system

We’ve thought of the cleaning staff who clean the floors of school classes. The chairs rest on the tables, completely freeing up the floors.

– a multi-position school chair:

Multi-position school chair

This is where the chair becomes innovative. Multi-position, it allows the pupil to turn around without turning the chair around. It is possible to sit with the backrest behind you and in front of you. Gone are the days of chairs scraping the floor as you change the layout of your classrooms. Pupils will be able to turn around easily and quickly when doing group work for example.

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