Our 3.4.5. school table is an innovation in the school furniture sector. It is the fruit of a global eco-design approach that provides users with the ideal school table. Discover this eco-design approach.

An eco-design approach to school furniture

The main challenge for us was to meet the demand expressed by the users. These users are of course pupils, but also and especially teachers and professors with a real need for modular classrooms.

The design agency C + B Lefebvre therefore met many of these users. The specifications were drawn up on the basis of the resulting discussions and feedback. During the design phase, these same users were again involved in the process in order to match the products to their actual needs, to give them what they were expecting, the 3.4.5. Program!

School furniture made in France

We opted for a Made in France approach for the French market. However, our aim is to rely on partners in all European countries. We are now starting to distribute this school furniture in Europe. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are able to manufacture and distribute this school table in your country.

Local manufacturing allows us to be highly reactive and cut down on transport.

Our eco-designed school table

A design classroom is more effective


From a product point of view, the tables are stackable, which allows a significant optimisation of transport. The materials were chosen for their low formaldehyde emission levels. The feet are tubes, available in two different sections. This allows us to optimise the amount of material used by keeping it down to the strictly necessary.

Finally, the shape of the table top allows a high degree of modularity. This school table will therefore adapt to future reforms, new teaching techniques. Greater modularity for greater sustainability!

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